Trespass Fees

2022 Trespass Fees
Antelope (rifle) $ 2,500.00
2nd Season Deer and/or Elk $ 3,000.00
2nd Season Deer Voucher Hunt and/or Elk $ 4,000.00
3rd Season Deer and/or Elk $ 4,000.00
3rd Season Deer Voucher Hunt and/or Elk $ 5,000.00
4th Season Either Sex Elk (no deer) $ 1,000.00
Late Cow Elk $ 750.00

A 50% deposit is required by March 1 to secure your access. We only allow a certain number of hunters on the ranch each season. If someone reserves a spot but forgets or fails to pay their deposit, the ranch may be booked when they arrive the day before hunting season and they could be turned away. "At times there may be a landowner voucher available for pronghorn antelope or mule deer in GMU 3 and GMU 301. However, over-the-counter bull tags are available for the second and third seasons."

The ranch is located in units 3 and 301 and is situated 15 miles west of Craig in northwest Colorado, 70 miles east of Utah and 35 miles south of Wyoming. It lies at 6,500 plus feet of elevation and the topography consists of large open areas with rolling hills filled with sagebrush. Large natural hay meadows and alfalfa fields are great attractions to big game. Juniper trees can be found at the higher areas of the ranch. There are numerous two-track roads for access and ATVs are allowed on the ranch. The weather during the hunting seasons may vary from negative ten degrees and one foot of snow to dry, beautiful, sunny days and seventy-five degrees.


CAMPING: Self-contained camping is allowed in two designated sites on the ranch (the Beaver Pond and Gate 10) for a fee (owner's discretion). There is no water and no electricity at these locations. There is an outhouse at Gate 10. Campers will be allowed to arrive and setup their camps the morning prior to hunt.

CHECK-IN: Check-in is the day before the season starts normally between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

RIDE-A-LONGS: A ride-a-long will pay the full trespass fee so they may as well be hunting.

Please contact the Colorado Parks and Wildlife for licensing and regulatory information at: or

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
6060 Broadway
Denver, Colorado 80216
(303) 297-1192

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