Welcome To Rio Ro Mo

At the Rio Ro Mo, you can have a private hunting trip with people of your choosing and maybe meet a few new friends. The ranch has a hunting trespass fee required for access and a limit on how many people will be there. Public ground is overrun with hunters and the hunted have disappeared. Rio Ro Mo will have a few people and many critters. The animals enjoy the vast open spaces on our 20,000 acres of contiguous deeded ground and an additional 3,800 acres of intermingled BLM ground. Hunters have enjoyed very high success rates for many years.

Access can be granted for pennies an acre. There are other places that are cheaper but you won't gain access to this number of acres and see the country and game that is on the Rio Ro Mo. There are also places that will have bigger animals but they are likely going to cost you more money and in reality......less opportunity. We try to offer you an opportunity to hunt big game at your pace and within a reasonable price range for the amount of acres and game that you will have access to.

“If you ate today, thank a farmer and rancher. If you ate in peace today, thank a soldier."